Unmanned Lunar Expedition
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OpenGL 3d rendering game engine

The Unmanned Lunar Expedition Simulator is a small 3D (OpenGL) game in which you control an unmanned moon vehicle. It is a two-player game that may be played either against the computer or against another player on the internet. There are two game modes: a racing game and a death-match game.

Technical stuff: The game uses rigid-body-dynamics for control of vehicle movement. It has a particle system based gun, 3D audio, and an online high-score list.

Try it out and please report any problems/suggestions.

This project is secretly funded by the

Danish National Secret Space Colonization Project

The Unmanned Lunar Expedition Simulator aims at building a virtual training environment for remote astronauts in the danish national secret space colonization project.

The simulator is built around a pseudo-realistic modeling concept which allows an extremely flat learning curve for the aspiring remote astronauts. Currently the simulator allows for training vehicle handling under extreme conditions as well as mission training by means of a simulated scientific lunar expedition (all this is bullshit of course, but it is still a nice little application worth a download).

Simulated Mission Objectives:
Collect and analyze materials of scientific interest from the surface of the moon. A substantial amount of materials is needed in order to ensure sufficiently analysis accuracy and stability.

For the task you have access to a remote controlled vehicle that has been set down on the moon. The vehicle is equipped with a tracking device that will be useful for locating any material of importance. Mission time is critical. Therefore use of the tracking device is essential.

Be warned that this mission requires extreme scientific abilities as well as a good interstellar sense of locality. Thorough pre studies of moon geography is mandatory.

Be aware that this is a prestige mission for the Danish National Space Colonization program. It is important not to loose esteem in international scientific communities. Above all, do not wreck the vehicle.

Latest News:

2003-06-01 Rover version 0.8 released
A death-match mode has been added. The moon vehicle has been equipped with a photon gun (using a nice looking particle-system). The environment sounds are now using 3D effects. Distance based attenuation and low pass filtering and directional based intensity stereo. Dobbler-effect on photon particle sound.

2003-05-13 Rover version 0.7 released
A two player net game mode has been added. The game-play is the same as in the previous version except that the opponent player can now be another player on the net. Players connect directly (no server). The net-database may be used to find other online players.

2003-04-08 Rover version 0.6 released
Rival scientific expedition are operating on the moon. Windows application front-ends added.

2003-03-09 Rover version 0.5 released
Net database and hall of fame added.

2003-02-24 Rover version 0.4 released
Game music has been added.

2003-02-17 Rover version 0.3 released
Transmission bandwidth has been increased to allow environmental audio to be transmitted to the simulator cockpit.

2003-01-16 Rover version 0.2 released
The remote controlled lunar vehicle simulator is now available in an updated version. The 0.2 release includes a scientific mission simulation. Windows binaries and platform independent source code is available.

2003-01-10 Rover version 0.1 released
First version of the remote controlled lunar vehicle simulator 'Rover' has been released. Currently only a Windows executable is available.