Unmanned Lunar Expedition
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Latest News:

2003-06-01 Rover version 0.8 released
A death-match mode has been added. The moon vehicle has been equipped with a photon gun (using a nice looking particle-system). The environment sounds are now using 3D effects. Distance based attenuation and low pass filtering and directional based intensity stereo. Dobbler-effect on photon particle sound.

2003-05-13 Rover version 0.7 released
A two player net game mode has been added. The game-play is the same as in the previous version except that the opponent player can now be another player on the net. Players connect directly (no server). The net-database may be used to find other online players.

2003-04-08 Rover version 0.6 released
Rival scientific expedition are operating on the moon. Windows application front-ends added.

2003-03-09 Rover version 0.5 released
Net database and hall of fame added.

2003-02-24 Rover version 0.4 released
Game music has been added.

2003-02-17 Rover version 0.3 released
Transmission bandwidth has been increased to allow environmental audio to be transmitted to the simulator cockpit.

2003-01-16 Rover version 0.2 released
The remote controlled lunar vehicle simulator is now available in an updated version. The 0.2 release includes a scientific mission simulation. Windows binaries and platform independent source code is available.

2003-01-10 Rover version 0.1 released
First version of the remote controlled lunar vehicle simulator 'Rover' has been released. Currently only a Windows executable is available.