Unmanned Lunar Expedition
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The Rover application is developed on Linux and ported to Windows. It has been tested on RedHat 7.3, Windows 98/XP with nvidia graphics cards.

The application can be downloaded here.

Binary distribution

A binary distribution is available for Windows. Download the file rover-0.8-win.zip.

To run the application OpenGL drivers must be installed.

Source distribution

The source distribution may be built in Linux with GNU gcc or in Windows with VC++ 6.0. For the source distribution two files must be downloaded - rover-0.8-src.tgz and rover-0.8-data-tgz.

Note that there are two applications in the distribution. 'Rover' which is the actual vehicle simulator and 'surfgen' (tools/surfgen) that is used to generate the 3D structure for the planet surface.

To build the applications, header and library files must be available for the following components:

Source documentation

Source documentation is available for the Adso library and the Rover application. It is extracted from source comments with the Doxygen tool. Note that some parts of the source is poorly documented.


Sound latency problems in Linux

    On my computer which is running RedHat 7.3 there is a significant sound delay. Sometimes it can be eliminated by by killing the Arts sound server ("artsshell terminate").

Graphic glitches in Linux

    On my computer glitches will occur if there is any program running in the background. Kill them all! (it may be possible to solve this with the low scheduling latency kernel patch)

No net database synchronization

    There is no synchronization on net database accesses. This means that database transactions may be lost.

Latest News:

2003-06-01 Rover version 0.8 released
A death-match mode has been added. The moon vehicle has been equipped with a photon gun (using a nice looking particle-system). The environment sounds are now using 3D effects. Distance based attenuation and low pass filtering and directional based intensity stereo. Dobbler-effect on photon particle sound.

2003-05-13 Rover version 0.7 released
A two player net game mode has been added. The game-play is the same as in the previous version except that the opponent player can now be another player on the net. Players connect directly (no server). The net-database may be used to find other online players.

2003-04-08 Rover version 0.6 released
Rival scientific expedition are operating on the moon. Windows application front-ends added.

2003-03-09 Rover version 0.5 released
Net database and hall of fame added.

2003-02-24 Rover version 0.4 released
Game music has been added.

2003-02-17 Rover version 0.3 released
Transmission bandwidth has been increased to allow environmental audio to be transmitted to the simulator cockpit.

2003-01-16 Rover version 0.2 released
The remote controlled lunar vehicle simulator is now available in an updated version. The 0.2 release includes a scientific mission simulation. Windows binaries and platform independent source code is available.

2003-01-10 Rover version 0.1 released
First version of the remote controlled lunar vehicle simulator 'Rover' has been released. Currently only a Windows executable is available.

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